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Including Moving Supplies

Count on the staff at Milyn Packing Company to make your next move trouble-free. We provide a mini-pack service to take care of the hard stuff, as well as moving supplies for every item that you have. If you are looking for responsible and dependable people to help you pack you are concerned with damage or theft issues... then look no further! We can help you pack or unpack your home, apartment, or office with the type of service you expect and respect you deserve. Milyn can pack your entire home or give you the boost you need with our 3-hour minipack. We have over 18 years of experience helping area families pack for moving day. Call us at (855) 328-8285 to ask about our past moving services.

Mini-Pack Service

When you don't want to pack specific items, our staff offers mini-pack services. This includes packing fragile kitchen items, items in your garage, office, or packing up the master bedroom. By letting us do the hard jobs, your move will be a lot easier. Our staff is available for a minimum 4 hours. but there is no maximum for this service.

Moving Supplies

Figuring out what you need first is a quick and easy way of preparing for any move. Our business offers the supplies you need when you are moving. We provide a consultation to find out what type of packaging you need and then provide you with boxes, tape, and insulation.

Staff Member - Packing Supplies in Plano, TX

Efficiency is Key

We always work quickly and always make sure that none of your possessions are damaged. Furthermore, we mark all of the boxes, so you know where everything is after you move.

On-Site Packing

When you are in need of packing services and packing supplies at your business location, give us a call, and we will bring all of the necessary packing materials to pack your items at your business location. We have expert packers who are fully trained in packing.

Contact us in Plano, Texas, at (855) 328-8285 for more information about our packing supplies.

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